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Monday, July 21, 2014

New music list!

Our new DVDs are in the mail and we cannot wait to get them - especially those of us who were in DC!  There are some GREAT routines coming up!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jazzy tops!

A huge shout out to my one of my fav customers/friend and Jazzercise groupies Miss.Rachel for the little gift she brought me to class the other day. So sweet!  She's knows me so well. Gym now. Wine later! Lol. Thank you Rachel.  
Speaking of new shirts!  I just have to mention how excited I am about my latest lulu purchases. The Water Singlet in aquamarine that I rocked in class today in a size 2!!! I can't even believe it. Once upon a time I wore size 12 lulu. Thank you Jazzercise!!!  And thank you lulu for this style that let's me wear a 2 - down 10 clothing sizes. Amazing!  You can do it too. Come and try a class today!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jazzercise Washington DC Live Event!


By Blogger & Jazzercise Owner/Certified Instructor: Casey Yousph
Well I have to admit, last year when the announcement was made in Palm Springs that the next event would be held in Washington, DC none of us Canadian girls knew what to expect.  Let me tell you Jazzercise Washington DC Live did not disappoint!
Day 1 - After a long day of travel and a pretty wild ride on the Super Shuttle from BWI, we arrived at the Washington Hilton.  This hotel is located right in the heart of the city and situated close to many trendy neighborhoods.  This venue had a contemporary urban feel to it and has been the host of many fabulous events such as the annual dinners of The White House Correspondents Association, Radio Television Correspondents Association and the National Prayer Breakfast.  It has also been host to many musical acts such as The Doors and Jimi Hendrix!  This hotel was also the location of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981.  We set out to explore shortly after checking in and once we laid eyes on the ballroom we were in love and could not wait to dance there the next morning. 

Day 2 – Some of us were a little slow moving after having found a few glasses of wine the evening before but we gained some spring in our step after grabbing a cup of joe from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf then headed down to the Jazzercise Shopping Expo.  Jazzercise Apparel and other vendors had all of the hottest styles and collections there for purchase.  Of course all of us Canadian girls got all excited about the sweaters.  It gets cold up here in the Great White North!  The shopping didn’t end there.  Next stop was Lululemon – as the saying goes “Old Habit’s Die Hard”. 


Pictured above from left to right:  The best group of instructors to travel with a girl could ask for! 

Alisa Bisschop (Airdrie/Didsbury), Kim Thompson (Delia), Casey Yousph (Airdrie/Crossfield/Westcott). Tina Mencarelli (Didsbury/Carstairs) & Kendra Visser (Olds)

Next up was the DC Dance Party with Shanna Missett Nelson (Jazzercise President) at 5:30pm then a Conversation with Judi Sheppard Missett (Jazzercise CEO) at 6:30pm.  The energy in the ballroom was unbelievable as some 1500 fitness enthusiasts rocked the dance floor.  We were way towards the back and had little room to move, could barely hear or see what was going on but still had fun every single minute of it.  Tonight we were hitting the hay early in hopes of getting up early to get a spot near the front for the Live DVD taping in the morning. 
Pictured above: Dance Party Instructors Ashley McConnell, Shanna Missett Nelson and Young McCarthy
Day 3 – Schedule of events;
9am - Live Taping with Judi Sheppard Missett, Shanna Missett Nelson & Taping Team
2pm – Metro Mix with Tim Roberts
3pm – On Pointe with Ashley McConnell
4pm – Dance HiiT Remix
Our alarms were going off at 6:45am to hit the line up by 7am hoping to get closer to the front and maybe even get spotted by one of the camera men to make it onto the training DVD!  The hallways were packed wall to wall and at 9am when the opened the doors everyone sprinted on to the dance floor.  We landed the perfect spot and stayed there for the rest of the day.  Some highlights are some of the hot new routines Fancy by Iggy – performed by Shanna (check out this video clip for a sneak peek).  Summer by Calvin Harris
and Marry Me by Magic just to name a few.   The camera totally came our way, so we will be awaiting the new DVD to see if we made the final footage!  The Tim Roberts class was AMAZING we mixed it up to his signature style and sexy combination of dance genres.  He gave us a sequence of choreography to Booty by JLo.  It was so much fun - you have to listen to this song.  If you do… be forewarned that it will get stuck in your head.  Check it out at
Ashley McConnell’s class was also very challenging unless you were a classically trained ballerina!  The Dance HiiT Remix was full of high intensity dance based routines and Nancy damn near killed us with her forward planking sequence but we made it!  Judi asked everyone to get their cell phones during one song and wouldn’t you know it… next was #Selfie by The Chainsmokers 
she had us all take selfies while doing the routine.  Again too much fun!  You just never know what they will come up with next.  We finished up the day doing an interview with a reporter from The Washington Post  We will be watching the July 10th edition to see if she made mention of our group.  It was the most amazing day ever! 
Pictured above: Alisa Bisschop, Kendra Visser, Casey Yousph, Kim Thompson, Tina Mencarelli
Day 4 – This day was dedicated to mostly sight-seeing with a little bit of shopping.  We put on a ton of miles walking for about 7 hours (as if our legs weren’t sore enough from the day before) but there was just so much to see and do.  We saw The White House, The Lincoln Memorial, The National Monument, Korean War Memorial, Reflective Pool and Macy’s (oh yeah that’s not a tourist attraction) just to name a few.  We tried to see The Declaration of Independence but the line was pretty lengthy.
Photo above is of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Statue.  Inside the building the Gettysburg Address is scripted on the wall as is the Angel of Truth mural.  Order of photo from left to right Alisa, Kendra, Casey, Tina and Kim.
Pictured above: Kim, Casey, Tina, Kendra and Alisa in front of The White House
This trip was full of memories being made with a group of exceptional women.  Thank you to Jazzercise Inc for putting on such a memorable event.  We also were very fortunate in meeting some of the key people within the organization.  We were photographed with Judi Sheppard Missett (Jazzercise CEO) – see below, Shanna Missett Nelson (Jazzercise President), Young McCarthy (Manager of Instructor Development and Taping Team Member), Rich Mundy (District Manager, Owner of multiple Premier Centers and Taping Team Member) and Emily Tyson (Junior Jazzercise Coordinator).  We were so fortunate to get to meet and chat with them all face to face!

Photo above: Tina, Alisa, Judi Sheppard Missett (Jazzercise CEO), Casey, Kendra and Kim
All in all a jazz dream come true!  Hope to see everyone again next year in Dallas, Texas.  We can’t even imagine the stops they will pull out next year as you know what they say – Everything is Bigger in Texas. 

Thanks for the memories DC!  Much love from the Canadian Girls!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Inside Scoop from DC!

Hot new songs/routines coming up...
Fancy by Iggy Azalea, Marry That
Girl by Magic and Met You In Summer by Calvin Harris. SO awesome!!!

Jazzercise Live Event!

We are having a blast in Washington DC!! 5 rockin classes later it's time to head out on the town for some dinner! Next years location... Dallas, Texas ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Here comes the bride!

A huge congratulations goes out to Jazzercise Crossfield instructor Kristen on her wedding June 21st. She looked absolutely stunning in her gown and of course rocked a little Danza Kudro out on the dance floor following the dinner and speeches. We wish her a lifetime of love and happiness!

Surprise Bridal Team Teach Dance Party!

Jazzercise Instructor, Kristen Fischer's last class before her big day was on Wed June 18th so we decided to throw a surprise dance party!  Part way into her opener 5 local instructors and her closest friends/family/wedding party came running in to class. What a surprise. Kristen rocked the entire class wearing a veil and bride tank and with over 40 ladies in the house we finished off the set to Single Ladies by BeyoncĂ© wearing ring pops!  After class we surprised her with an early wedding gift some Asics runners and some jazz swag she had her eye on :)This one will go down in the memory books. So much fun!!!